West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association


Join Us!

We welcome any licensed amateur radio operator who believes in the Association's objectives and who will support the operation of the Association's systems and programs. We are a small group and highly collaborative. We invite you to come to our meetings and join in our other activities as our guest.

Applicants for membership in the WCOARA may choose to apply for either a Full or Associate membership. If you are uncertain as to which of these membership categories to choose, use the form below to contact our Membership Chair, who can further discuss the choice with you.

Full Membership is for members, who intend to participate in the operation of the association, and in its decision making processes. Full members are entitled to vote and hold elected Association offices. To permit an applicant and the Association’s members to become acquainted, before a vote on the applicant’s membership, the applicant is expected to attend at least three events, such as those listed below. Depending on the applicant’s situation, the Membership Committee can choose to adjust the qualifications for Full Membership.

It is also expected that applicants for Full Membership will have familiarized themselves with the Constitution, Bylaw's, and other information found under the Governance and History menu tabs on this website.

Associate Membership is intended for members, whose primary intent in joining the Association is to provide financial support for the WCOARA and its repeater systems. Associate members will receive the newsletter, and, to the extent that they want to, may participate in the Association’s meetings and activities, but they may not hold elected office or vote. The payment of dues is all that is required to be an Associate member. All members are initially considered to be Associate Members, until a vote accepting them into Full Members is held.


If you have questions please email any officer by call-sign @wcoara.org, as their email address. Better yet, attend a meeting!

We look forward to your participation in our important work!


Because a physical signature is required on the Membership Application, a completed application must be mailed to the Membership Chair, together with a check, made out to the WCOARA, for the dues.

Options for acquiring a Membership Application:

Submitting a Membership Application:
Contact the WCOARA Membership Chair by E-mail. (Get the Membership Chair's call sign from the Home page and send your message to that call sign @wcoara.org.) Be sure to include your call sign, your telephone number, and, if you are asking for a blank Membership Application, your mailing address. The Membership Chair will Reply: to your message appropriately.